My life revolves around the beach. I live next to it. I walk it, observe it and of course photograph it almost daily.... it has always been a challenge for me to photograph it as I always feel self-conscious  while walking around it with my camera, always trying to keep a distance while pushing myself to get a shot. The events of 2020 made it somehow more difficult as social distances had to be respected and people became more sensible about their spaces. Fortunately, we, street photographers, are good at adapting ourselves to changing circumstances. So I put myself right there, somewhere on the beach...
There were some quiet moments, some rainy afternoons,  some social distancing and  at times, even some masks. At some points I felt like a peeping tom, unable to be there at close range, keeping a distance, but continuously trying to be present. Sometimes capturing those beach vibes through the looking-glass whilst pretending I was in a strange and faraway place.... The common element was that everybody was at the beach having a good time just by being outside again......
As the song says: 
life's a beach, I got a cold drink in my hand,
and my toes in the sand,
can't get me down
Oh!  life's a beach.

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